David Steeb

CEO, b13 Founder

David wears a lot of hats at b13:

  • Business Roles:
    • Co-Founder/CEO
    • New business, business development
    • Taxes and accounting
  • Technical Role: Frontend and integration 

Tools David can’t live without:

  • b13
  • PhpStorm

b13 Founder and CEO, David, is a reluctant administrative wizard, father (of three children and all of the b13 family), and someone you’ll meet if you’re considering working with our agency. Somehow, he still finds time to be constantly learning new skills and is an influential part of our cutting-edge frontend practice. He loves lightning-fast websites, CSS, and taking templating to new levels. He loves hamburgers a little bit more.


  • Solutions, delivering value, ROI
  • Learning, listening, agreements, partnership, international
  • Questions, asking why, saying “no” (somebody has to sometimes)
  • TYPO3, extensions, relaunch
  • UX, editor experience, design, responsive
  • Performance, SEO, RSS, user stories, testing
  • Teamwork, trust, values, family, understanding
  • Open source, contribution
  • Breakfast, burgers, gin & tonic

David and TYPO3

TYPO3 is fast, powerful, flexible, and extensible. We built our agency on it and it has proved its value many times over in the last 15+ years. We’ve never had a challenge (that was appropriate for a CMS in the first place) that we couldn’t solve in TYPO3. Its architecture and stability enables us to plan and work in the long-term. We have projects running on version 10 today that we have been able to continuously improve, develop, and upgrade since setting them up in TYPO3 version 4.x.

David on working at b13

What I love about b13

I love working with a team of people that love what they are doing. It’s an office and a company full of people that want to be there, because they like it. It’s our job, it’s hard work sometimes, but we still have fun.

My favorite thing about b13

We celebrate our successes, but never stop challenging ourselves to be even better next time. We are proud of what we did but not content to simply repeat it. We want to work with cutting edge technology, learning new things and make the next project even better than the last one. That being said, our ambition is to design solutions not limited by the tools we use, but rather, choose the right tools to help us achieve the desired outcome.

How b13 helps our clients and the world

We don’t want to reuse and resell the same solution over and over, but we do reuse our experience and what we learn from one project to the next. We’re not specialised in reselling a cloned solution to another client. We build custom solutions for our clients that fit their unique needs to the best of our abilities. And we build systems that last; that we are able to (and want to) maintain for multiple years.

David’s Dos and Don’ts

  • Stop learning.
  • Never take b13 for granted.

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