Expert TYPO3 Upgrade Services for a Smoother and More Efficient Website

Upgrading your TYPO3 installations to the latest version is the most cost-effective way to keep your websites delivering value. Our multi-tier 2nd Opinion service will help you weigh up the advantages against the potential cost of your upgrade. Whether you ask us or someone else to upgrade your site, you may be surprised how cost-effective an upgrade is. 
Although upgrading can seem daunting or expensive, there’s no reason to limit yourself with a CMS version that’s three or more years out of date. Save money in the long run and unlock state-of-the-art features and performance.

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A Transparent, Objective 2nd Opinion You Can Rely On

“2nd Opinion” is a two-step analytical process we’ve developed at b13 in the course of performing hundreds of TYPO3 upgrades in recent years.

Part one, State-of-Play Analysis - We assess the technical condition of a given TYPO3 instance—any version and size of installation. We’ll give you a fact sheet, including the rough effort needed to upgrade it to the current Long Term Support (LTS) version, helping you make better-informed decisions about your upgrade. 

Part two, Deep Dive - We generate a detailed “upgrade blueprint” report that any TYPO3 agency and developer can follow to upgrade your installation to a current version of TYPO3. It serves as a basis for a comprehensive cost calculation for the planned update, and includes technical recommendations for how to go about it.

The Benefits of Staying Up-to-Date

Every version of TYPO3 CMS is better than the last. Find out exactly what you need to do to upgrade to gain all the advantages of running an up-to-date TYPO3 version. Then update and upgrade regularly for easier upgrades in the future.

Take advantage of the latest technologies. The latest TYPO3 version runs an up-to-date PHP version for security and performance, and to ensure support by hosting providers. Implementation of PSR standards in TYPO3 facilitate integration with other systems, while support for modern image formats like webP promise snappier loading times.

Get the latest features and best performance by upgrading and consolidating third-party-extensions wherever possible. We leverage the TYPO3 core for best performance and maintainability and declutter extensions for a cleaner, faster, and more flexible TYPO3 system.

Make future updates easier by developing your extensions with the features of the latest version. If you put off upgrading, they’ll need rewriting. Keep custom code clean and easy-to-maintain.

Take advantage of the latest performance improvements in TYPO3, including a faster backend for improved efficiency and workflows, and better caching, using state-of-the-art techniques.

Help editors get their jobs done anywhere and on any device with a faster, cleaner, responsive backend, better translation handling and translation wizards.

Trust b13 to Upgrade your TYPO3 Application

We maintain and upgrade websites for many clients as part of our daily business. If you choose us to carry out your upgrade, you can look forward to some extra benefits thanks to our processes and experience.

We use automation to increase speed and repeatability while reducing human error. New installations are automatically spun up and tested, while fully automated deployment eliminates human error and automated future updates keep costs down.

We know TYPO3 core inside out, so we avoid unnecessary workarounds through extensions. Any extensions we build are minimal, performant, and thoroughly tested because we contribute them back to the community. As core developers, we always closely follow TYPO3’s core architecture and standards.

Our upgrades can even include fixing or improving TYPO3 itself if it makes sense for your project.

Keep your Editors Busy with Minimum Content Freeze

Some agencies keep editors waiting for days (or even months!), while they work on a clone of the live site and migrate content. When they deploy the new version, everything that’s been added in the meantime is lost. We do things differently.

Major upgrades are as invisible as updating your phone or laptop. Wouldn’t it be great for an editor to open their backend in the morning and start work without noticing it’s been upgraded? That’s the way we do it.

Your editors stay productive. There’s no need to send your editors on gardening leave while your site is being upgraded. Keep them doing what they love and generating value for your clients and your business.

No loss of content. Your employees and customers won’t notice a thing—except for the snappier performance, improved security, and state-of-the-art features that the TYPO3 Fairy brought while they were sleeping!

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