Maximizing User Experience: Our Design Services

A well-designed, intuitively structured website lays the groundwork for attracting new customers and establishing lasting relationships. It is the result of a constructive collaboration between you and your agency. b13’s experience, our tools, and philosophy put your information into a consistent system that is easy to maintain.

Cluttered and over-designed websites create bad user experiences. Too many choices and graphical elements can make it hard for visitors to find their way to the conversion you want them to make.

We work with you to highlight the most important messages and lead visitors through your website with just the right amount of graphics and text.

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What is User Experience Design?

A good user experience design provides users with the right choices at the right moment. We believe that less is more, most of the time. We apply a minimalist philosophy for maximum results.

Although a design should be attractive, we believe you should not sacrifice usability and conversions to satisfy purely aesthetic demands. That’s why we don’t add fireworks to our websites unless we can prove that they provide real bang for the buck.

Present a consistent set of options that fit with visitors’ goals.

Quickly lead users on the right path.

Drive sales and conversions with great user experience.

The Structure that Converts

A good content hierarchy structures information and creates a positive user experience. We carefully study your old website or the websites of your competitors and compare them to your business goals. This is how we help you make the right decisions about your most important online real estate and help your customers find the information they need.

We identify content gaps by mapping user intention to site plans.

Get the right content on your homepage and avoid overwhelming visitors. 

Help your site grow while still being easy-to-navigate.

Make it Your Own—Be a Part of the Design Process

At b13, we streamline the user experience design process. We always present you with the design we think is best and won’t confront you with confusing design ideas. 

We'll work with you in-person to change and adapt the design, making sure you’re satisfied with what we deliver.

Preview the design’s look and feel using a clickable demo.

We ask for feedback early and often. This ensures you’re satisfied and that we can deliver on-time and on-budget.

We’ll carefully review your existing solution to make sure we build on the good ideas from your old site.

How do we improve website UX?

Small design changes after a site launch are no surprise to us. We aim to create the best possible product online, and that means our designers and integrators build flexibility into our solutions, so your website can constantly improve with minimal future maintenance.

If you change your mind about a color, for example, our use of Atomic Design principles makes it easy to implement a change across the entire site in no time at all. That’s because every component inherits its basic settings from its parent.

Inheritance between design elements ensures a consistent visual language. 

Atomic design principles make it possible to maintain flexibility in your website design.

Visual design elements, such as the color scheme and text display, are defined once so that changes can be applied across the site quickly.

Responsive design allows your website to fit any screen size, browser, or device.

A Design You Can Use

We document every website component with comprehensible names and descriptions, so you’ll always know how to use our design to achieve the best results.

Built for your content management system to maintain a top-notch website.

A well-defined content structure is the best framework for a successful design.

Quality assurance and testing workflows prevent adverse effects and improve user experience.

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