Intuitive Navigation: Streamline Your User Experience

Anticipate your website visitors’ needs and give them just what they’re looking for. It makes a great first impression, optimizes user experience, and adds value to your business.

If your website contains a large amount of content and information that is not properly organized, it can be confusing and overwhelming for your users, causing them to bounce off your site or abandon a workflow.

b13’s tech-savvy UX team knows how to leverage TYPO3’s capabilities to design a navigation structure and information architecture that optimizes a site’s findability, discoverability and usability. Now your customers can instantly discover custom-made offers for them.

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Informative and Visual Sitemap Design

A UX sitemap is a bird’s eye view of how pages are linked, organized and labeled for a website or an application, usually displayed as a hierarchical diagram of linked pages. A well-organized site helps Google and other search engines crawl the site content, which helps with SEO. b13’s UX team paints a clear picture showing you how the website is structured, so you can make important design decisions.

Show clear information hierarchies

Categorization of site content

Build foundations for the website navigation concept

Initial definition of the website interface

Clear, Extensive Navigation and Search Concept

Intuitive navigation design results in a user-friendly site menu and a clear path for visitors to browse through the site. An effective search function immediately connects users to what they are looking for. b13’s UX team follows these fundamentals to create excellent user experience, guiding your users to fulfill their needs on your website. User satisfaction means lower bounce rate and more conversion for your business.

Customer-oriented navigation concept and model design

Design comprehensive search features

Map out search filter options

Advanced search function implementation

Search result clustering

Improve Findability and Discoverability with Information Architecture

Solid information architecture (IA) goes hand in hand with the site navigation, providing the foundation for a good user experience. It determines whether the users are successful in finding the desired information or completing tasks. We at b13 create sound IA strategies to save your company time and money during and after the development project.

Create content inventory, site structure and page hierarchy

Link relevant information and pages together

Organize and define the relationship between a site’s content and functionality

Develop frameworks on information placement on the website

Prioritisation of information and hierarchies

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