We strive to be someone you want to work with -

not someone you have to work with. b13 is a tightly-knit team bound together by a common set of values. We deliver digital experiences in partnership with our clients that deliver lasting value.

We prefer building trust and understanding

over impersonal price-quotes and RFPs. We keep our promises and deliver quality. We like clients who challenge us and we love applying our expertise to solving tough, new problems. Our best work delivers value efficiently and effectively for our clients ... and for theirs. We offer each client the solution they need, tailored specifically for them, even if that means something simpler and less expensive than they expected. For mission-critical applications, we will always choose widely-adopted open source technologies that we know can get the job done.

From the beginning, the chemistry between us was right.
—  Kai Rudolph, Webmaster, UKHD


We ask why, and we ask again - When we interact with a potential client, we work with them to get to the core of what they need - before we ever talk about fees, costs, or implementation. And sometimes that means they don’t need anything from us. We deliver solutions that meet our clients’ needs, thinking outside the box and suggesting alternatives - even lower-cost, higher-value ones - if that provides the best results for them.


We don’t sell, we listen - We want to get to know our clients, not just their problems. We build personal connections and trust while discovering their underlying needs and challenges together. Our discovery report - which they’re welcome to show to anyone else, too - helps us all decide if we’re a good fit and if we want to work together.


I only have the widest range of experience, because I had the most time to learn from my mistakes.
—  Benni Mack, TYPO3 Project Lead, b13 CTO


Mistakes are learning opportunities. We discuss problems, document solutions, and plan their implementation across new and existing projects. Learning isn’t something we have to find time for at b13, it’s part of how we work.


Challenge us - At b13, we like clients who present us with new problems and requirements that we don’t know how to solve... yet. Our clients are our partners in the ongoing, evolving process of creating and maintaining the best digital solution for their goals and needs.


We do what we say - We make clear agreements. We only promise what we know we can deliver. We only choose technologies that we know can do the job. We only take on clients we can believe in and meaningful projects we honestly know we can do right.


We say “no” - We don’t take on clients or projects that aren’t a good fit for us. If an ongoing project isn’t working out, we get it into the best shape we can, and work with the client to find a new agency that they can succeed with.


To address the kinds of challenges we enjoy—and help our clients—we have to think, not just code.
—  David Steeb


We are always looking for smart, pragmatic, and sustainable solutions. We never say, “We do it this way because that’s how we’ve always done it.“


For mission critical applications, we choose widely-adopted open source technologies because we can fix, extend, and improve them while building on the experience and support of thousands of our peers. Furthermore, with open source, our clients own and control their own solutions and are free to work with someone else if the need arises.


We deliver the best work our tools, teams, and abilities allow. Our solutions are efficient and sustainable. Design is done with the user in mind and in harmony with the system we’re designing for. Our work is clear and transparent, ready for the next person who picks it up. We don’t stand still or rest on our laurels; we invest in training to constantly improve and develop our skills.

TYPO3 gave me the chance to build my career on a great open source technology, supported by a welcoming community.
—  Achim Fritz, Developer

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