Revolutionize Your Publishing with Advanced Digital Solutions

b13 has more than 20 years of experience supporting the media and publishing industries with websites, multi-channel, and web-to-print solutions. We work with you to create flexible, scalable, and extensible solutions to meet your digital publishing needs today and in the future.

Maintaining separate content production workflows for digital channels, web, and print slows and distracts your teams from producing engaging content. Having to manage your brand and assets across a multitude of websites and siloed systems can lead to excess costs and loss of control and oversight.

We build easy to use, well-structured, beautiful online publishing systems that improve your SEO ranking, attract more visitors, and keep them onsite longer. Enterprise-level brand-management, publishing workflows, and intuitive tools keep your editorial teams focused and productive.

… a massive benefit for the entire user experience.
—  Jens Kelch, Villeroy & Boch

Authoring Experience

At b13, we have decades of experience in the publishing industry. We know your needs—beyond fast sites that convert well—we optimize the authoring experience and the custom publishing workflows your editorial teams need.

Intuitive navigation keeps even the largest sites manageable

Well-designed UI for easy access to important tools

Write content once, publish in multiple channels: websites, email newsletters, apps, display systems, print

Instant responsive previews

Mobile-friendly editing from any smartphone or tablet

Advanced media handling, automated cropping and watermarks, multi-lingual titles, captions, metadata

Modern Publishing Workflow

Modern, flexible publishing workflows that help teams and improve productivity, increase quality, and improve oversight are all key when aiming to improve conversion rates. We build publishing solutions with enterprise-level workflow support, custom-tailored to your needs.

Scalable workflows with as many custom steps as you need, notifications, and full auditability.

Separate workspaces for staging, presenting, and finalizing new content before publication

Bespoke templates, ensuring content is composed the right way every time

Scheduled, automated content publishing and unpublishing—even whole sections of your website. Prepare your seasonal campaigns months ahead.

Reusable content blocks: update everywhere with a single edit

Brand & Digital Asset Management

Powerful content and digital-asset management is at the core of supporting your brand strategy. We craft your central brand-management hub to align design, media, and message across regions, countries, and continents. Publish from the web to every format, digital and traditional.

Tools and templates to produce on-brand, on-message content

Unified digital asset management. Integrate image libraries, add ready-made captions and descriptions—even in multiple languages.

Our solutions can grow from a single site to managing any number of brands and websites within one federated installation, significantly reducing the time and cost of maintenance and changes, while enabling tight brand control.

Powerful versioning, change-tracking, -monitoring, and -notification. Revert changes globally or on a single page at any time.

Extremely Performant

Websites that deliver what your customers need fast, on any network and any device, are key to your success. Performant websites rank higher in search engine results, keep visitors’ attention longer, and produce better conversion rates. We build optimized, responsive websites for journals and magazines that are fast and beautiful on any device.

Fast websites drive conversions and increase sales. Our CMS of choice is TYPO3, the fastest CMS on the web(1), as corroborated by independent sources, such as Google’s site data.

Read more about the value of performant websites

Flexible, Extensible, Scalable, Open

Scaling up and adding the tools your team needs should be easy when your business needs it. Our experienced team selects open source software that’s inherently flexibility and extensible. We make your site easy to maintain by delivering clean code and structure.

We believe open source software is the best tool for building flexible, scalable, secure, and reliable technological infrastructure.

Flexible media handling that can be extended and integrated with other platforms and services and scaled to any size.

Integrations with web services and external systems that support them, from single-sign-on to CRM, ERP, and more.

Take advantage of official TYPO3 integrations including Google Ads and Mautic.


Control every dimension of your digital publishing and branding from a central hub: multi-lingual, multi-site, multi-team, multi-workspace, multi-channel, and multi-brand.

Multi-lingual - Our CMS of choice, TYPO3, offers powerful core support for authoring and translation workflows for working in dozens to hundreds of languages in a single site—all while remaining extremely performant.

Multi-site - Full content overview and search across all your web properties from a single interface. Fine-grained permissions allow controlled access, collaboration, workflows, and content reuse across sites.

Multi-channel - Easy content publishing and reuse on one site, many sites, or any combination of other channels—including web-to-print.

Multi-brand - Manage all of your brands from one location, with full freedom to define each site and brand’s individual design and assets.

Multi-team, multi-workspace - Create as many workspaces as your teams need for content staging and testing, even preparing a major overhaul while regular business continues on your site.


SEO best-practices and intuitive information structures are built into the default configuration of all the publishing systems we deliver.

We deliver publishing platforms with SEO and marketers in focus. We give your users an optimized experience, and you the ability to follow up through all funnel stages on the way towards a quick and effortless conversion.

Google Ads support directly in the CMS. TYPO3 and Google offer an official integration for this powerful marketing tool. Campaign handling and ad creation at your fingertips, right in the user-friendly interface of your CMS.


  1. TYPO3 Delivers Great Performance: