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b13 has the tools and experience to deliver technical solutions and long-term partnerships to inspire customer trust and support your worldwide growth at any scale.

Global growth can pose new and unexpected challenges to your existing business and technological infrastructure.

We’re a leading digital agency in Stuttgart, and we know how to work across cultures and continents and build fast, effective digital sales channels to extend your reach anywhere.

Learn more about building international digital sales channels with b13.

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Very fast, very reliable websites create great experiences for your customers, leading to superior conversion rates for your business everywhere in the world.

One price of success—measured, for example, in skyrocketing visitor counts—is increased demands on your technical infrastructure. Will it continue to deliver when it’s put to the test?

At b13, we choose proven, reliable systems and software, we stress-test your infrastructure before launch to ensure it can deal with demand, and distribute the traffic load globally for maximum reach and performance.

Increase conversions and visitor retention

Fast web pages everywhere your customers are

Reliable choices made by an experienced partner

Scale to Any Size—Everywhere

TYPO3 CMS, our open source technology platform of choice, delivers enterprise-level scalability. Multisite and multi-lingual installations are core features of the system. And all of your sites run blazingly fast, even when a single TYPO3 instance is powering hundreds of sites in as many languages.

Yet, managing content on a growing number of online properties can be challenging. How do you maintain content quality in dozens of languages as the number of projects and staff and editors increases?

Many of our clients choose b13 because we provide true scalability for content- and asset-management. We can configure advanced, customized editing workflows and prepare you unimpeded online growth.

Serve content in any language

A single hub for all your digital assets

Professionally planned and managed growth

Meet Peak Demand with Peak Performance

Lightning-fast page loads worldwide thanks to industry-leading combinations of distributed content-delivery infrastructure and software backed by b13’s knowledge and experience.

Being prepared to serve a global market—as an agency or other business—presents many pitfalls. Caching, for example, was designed to speed content delivery to your users, but it’s a difficult science to master and can end up presenting your users with expired content.

We combine our years of experience and know-how gained from international projects and clients with rigorous testing of the browser, network, and software to ensure that your site will continue serving up the information your customers need fast, even at peak demand.

Keep your websites close to the customer

Optimized delivery for near-instant page loads

Benefit from years of international project experience

Maximize Conversion at Minimal Cost

We build and maintain effective global sales funnels that share functionality across all your digital channels, minimizing lost opportunities and maximizing your return on investment.

Your websites need to pay their own way. Slow-loading, poorly-designed websites can harm your sales and get in the way of the conversations you should be having with your customers. If they are hard to run or administer for your teams, their effectiveness as a sales channel can be hampered.

We optimize your sites with UX designed for conversion and choose cost-efficient ways to serve content fast to any location. Save time on efficient maintenance and content management by working with a single multisite and multilingual CMS installation built from the ground up for managing large amounts of content cleanly and efficiently.

Optimize sales channels for local markets

Reduce site management and administration time

Maximize results by reusing your proven formulas

Translation, Between Languages and Cultures

At b13, we’ve got 20 years of experience delivering successful international projects. Now, we’d like to help you succeed. From the technical to the cultural, we’ll help you navigate the kinds of challenges global businesses meet, from avoiding cultural misunderstandings; working around slow networks; delivering the right mix of translation, localization, and local knowledge; to time-zone-related scheduling issues and more.

You started your business in one country and with a single-language website. Now it’s time to expand and grow. Many businesses in that situation discover they have a content management system that can’t support for professional content translation and approval workflows.

We use TYPO3, an open source CMS used by major international corporations, that offers enterprise-level translation handling and publishing workflows—and massive scalability—with our international project experience to help you grow beyond your borders.

Publish and administer in any language

Design and deliver the right messages to the right audiences

Enterprise size with a personal touch

Trustworthy and Uncluttered Data Privacy

Increase trust in your brand, improve conversions and make data privacy straightforward across borders and continents. With b13, legal compliance is no blocker for your online sales efforts.

A site overloaded with privacy warnings covering the legal requirements of diverse governments can make visitors feel insecure. The intricacies of local policies can also be hard to manage for your staff.

b13 can help you with specialized knowledge and experience in handling differing regulatory requirements for all your web properties and digital channels—all built into uncluttered, trustworthy user experiences. We speed your privacy compliance with auditing and monitoring tools combined with TYPO3’s built-in support for GDPR, privacy, and security.

Meet diverse customer expectations

Manage complex legal requirements with ease

Stay on top with automated compliance audits

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