Blackfire: Backend Performance Testing tests the backbone of your website on your servers—application, database, and network performance—often-untapped source for web application performance improvements. 

Performance optimization starts with your servers. They’re an often-untapped source for performance improvements in your web applications.

At b13, we use Blackfire and scrutinize every layer from the servers on up to make sure the backend of your TYPO3 site delivers what your customers need fast, without delays or detours.

Beyond Transfer Speed and Browser Tricks

Blackfire tests the performance of code executed on the server hosting your website. Delays caused by database queries, scripts, slow files, or remote servers won’t be detected by external browser-based or third-party website speed tools. We test your entire stack from the server on up. It’s part of b13’s commitment to delivering the best possible performance.

Paving the Way to Faster Response Times

We discover and fix any inefficient code causing your servers to slow down. Quicker responses to browser requests not only provide snappier visitor experiences, they also improve SEO ranking.

Regular Monitoring and Benchmarking

Every new feature or bug fix can affect application performance. We benchmark your site’s performance and monitor it on an ongoing basis. We proactively find and remedy the causes of any slowdown to keep your digital presence running smoothly for your customers … and the success of your business.

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