We deliver the best work our tools, teams, and abilities allow. – b13

We partner with industry leaders and use tools that help us build efficient, sustainable solutions for our clients. We choose widely-adopted open source technologies because we can fix, extend, and improve them while building on the experience and support of thousands of our peers.

  • AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages - Fastest loading on every device

    b13 builds your website to deliver content to mobile visitors blazingly fast using the AMP—Accelerated Mobile Pages—standard to devices that request it. AMP combines a strict set of presentation and rendering rules with delivery from the global AMP Cache.

  • Blackfire: Performance Testing

    Performant websites rank higher in search engine results, keep visitors’ attention longer, and produce better conversion rates. We work with Blackfire.io to test your website’s code to make sure it delivers what your customers need fast, on any network and any device.

  • TYPO3 CMS: True responsiveness & performance for the modern web.

    We set up TYPO3 CMS for device-optimization to make websites that both load fast and look great on any device for higher engagement and more conversions. TYPO3 is the ideal technology to deliver scalable multisite, multilingual installations for global campaigns and organizations.

  • CDN: Content Delivery Networks - Bring your data to your users

    At b13, we are content delivery network (CDN) experts. CDNs help make media-rich properties really fly and deliver great user experiences. TYPO3—our CMS of choice—is optimized for use with CDNs, ensuring that as much data as possible is cached on CDN servers near your customers. The reduced load on your site's servers helps your TYPO3 deliver new content around the globe even faster.