Powerful TYPO3 Extensions for Improved Website Functionality

Sharing our expertise. Below are some TYPO3 extensions we have developed that help us deliver value in client projects. As part of the way we work, we focus on testing and best practices to ensure long-term performance, reliability, and results in all our code. 

From b13 to you. We live and breathe open source. Our team includes some of the world’s most experienced TYPO3 developers, deeply involved in the TYPO3 open source project. We learned what we know from our peers and are committed to passing on our expertise and unique knowledge back to the TYPO3 community. Making these available, we hope that these will help you, too!

b13 TYPO3 extensions reflect how we approach our work:

  • Expertise through TYPO3 contributors on staff, including the TYPO3 Project Lead.
  • Tested code quality to ensure stability and scalability.
  • Standards compliance everywhere, using proven TYPO3 and PHP best-practices for maximum reliability and compatibility. 
  • Ongoing performance testing and benchmarking to eliminate slowdowns caused by inefficient database queries and scripts, or regressions arising from new features or bug fixes.
  • Compact. We often create small, single-purpose extensions, making them easy to maintain and upgrade across multiple TYPO3 versions.
  • Open-source. We are transparent, use open technologies, and give back to our communities.

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b13 TYPO3 Extensions

De-Slash - Remove trailing slashes from your TYPO3 URLs

With TYPO3, it is possible to have a trailing slash in your URLs, or not - depending on the use case. By default, TYPO3 does not have a trailing slash at the end of each URL, but there are some technical limitations, why it e.g. happens on the home page, where there is always a trailing slash. You can configure an ending like ".html" or "/" for each URL, and have more enhancers for plugins.

This extension works in a naive way to remove trailing slashes from

  • All generated links
  • All your canonical URLs

It even redirects incoming URLs with a trailing slash onto the same page as without.

de-slash on github

Slash Force - Never miss a Slash in your TYPO3 URLs

Whether you configure a page type to end in a slash or not, TYPO3 will always allow you to access the page with or without a trailing slash. This can lead to duplicate content issues and is generally not a good idea.

This extension will redirect any URL that does not end in a slash to the same URL with a slash if the current page type is configured like this.

Slash Force on Github


Add flexible in-page structures with a simple extension—the core way. TYPO3’s built-in concepts allow integrators to create setups for all kinds of page types, template types, and content management scenarios. Many projects end up needing more flexibility in placing substructures containing elements or modules within a content area. That’s precisely what our new Container extension is for!

Find “container” on GitHub


This extension adds a hook for rendering content element previews for TYPO3's backend view in the page module, adding the ability to use Fluid Partials and Layouts to enable consistent preview markup.

Find “backendpreviews” on GitHub

Reverse Proxy - Cache Manager

Caching is a great way to make websites faster, but managing all the different caching layers can be tricky. This extension keeps externally cached content up-to-date so that editors and site visitors always see the newest version of anything published on your site. When content is added or updated, invalidating a page cache in TYPO3’s powerful internal caching framework, Proxy Cache Manager sends an HTTP PURGE request to external content distribution networks (e.g., Cloudflare, Fastly) or local caching technologies (such as Varnish).

Find “proxycachemanager” on GitHub

Authorized Previews

In TYPO3, authorized backend users can preview pages, for example in new languages, before they are made public. You may not always want to give backend access to everyone in your proofreading or approval workflow. This extension generates a temporary link making a specific, unpublished page version available for preview without logging in.

Find “authorized-preview” on GitHub

SlimPHP Bridge

Quickly create a simple REST API layer (not a fully headless solution) for a TYPO3 installation using this small wrapper extension. Use TYPO3 as a read/write data hub when integrating with external systems.

Find “slimphp-bridge” on GitHub

HTTP/2 Pre-Fetch for TYPO3

This extension reduces page load time in the browser by utilizing the pre-fetch feature in the HTTP2 protocol. It delivers a warning about extra files it will need to render your website first response to a query (rather than being packed into the page’s HTML source, which would have to be downloaded and parsed before being dealt with).

Find “http2” on GitHub

Masi - Powerful TYPO3 URL Customization

Customize every aspect of URL generation in TYPO3 v9+. A small, efficient extension that gets a lot done without adding overhead to the core. It adds a configuration option to remove any given page from URL generation, a popular piece of functionality previously included in many TYPO3 installations via extensions like RealURL.

Find “masi” on GitHub

Bolt - Easier TYPO3 Site Setup

This extension helps integrators save time when setting up new websites in TYPO3. The usual requirement of a TypoScript template and PageTS entries in the page root is replaced with a single parameter in the Site Configuration interface of TYPO3 v9 and higher. When specifying the site package extension name, configurations are automatically included in the right place, across all environments (testing, staging, live, etc).

Find “bolt” on GitHub

External Format Services

A service extension that gives other extensions in your TYPO3 installation the ability to export data in Microsoft Excel, CSV, and PDF formats. Definable defaults for PDF exports, including margins, page size, and more.

Find “t3xt-format” on Github

Unique Alias Mapper for URL Routing

This extension is a useful way to extend the flexible URL-routing solution that ships with TYPO3 core.

Find “uniquealiasmapper” on Github

Just in Case - Case Insensitive URLs

This convenience extension gives your marketing team greater typographical flexibility and helps users. It changes TYPO3’s URL parsing to no longer differentiate between upper and lowercase letters in URLs. Now “example.com/Lets-Connect” won’t give you a Page Not Found error for the page at TYPO3’s default lowercase version, “example.com/lets-connect”.

Find “justincase” on Github

Distributed Redis Locker

Redis is a memory-based caching mechanism often used to accelerate TYPO3 cache access. This extension distributes data-locking information using a shared (and very fast) Redis database to improve the speed and reliability of large, multi-tier TYPO3 installations across multiple web servers.

Find “distributed-locks” on Github

Session Password

This extension introduces a password-only login form to give users quick access to restricted content on a page without needing to create a full, permanent frontend user account.

Find “sessionpassword” on Github

Code Block

This extension adds a content type to display source code processed using highlight.php to render code snippets with syntax highlighting. The CSS-classes applied are identical to what highlight.js would render, but the transformation takes place on the server (instead of the browser when using JS).

The rendered result is cached like any other content element with the page in TYPO3. Using this extension you can skip adding highlight.js to your JS-build. This helps reduce the JavaScript size for your website and also allows rendering of source code snippets for AMP pages for example.

Find “codeblock” on GitHub

Menus–TYPO3 Extension for creating fast-rendering menus quickly and easily

Integrators should be able to create menus intuitively, and the results should be fast. Our extension “Menus” offers all this: a simpler syntax for writing menus than the TYPO3 core and a more efficient caching strategy that makes menu rendering less complex.

Find “menus” on GitHub

Asset Collector–Add CSS, SVG, or JS to content templates, and load them only once

If you’re an integrator and you want to define your CSS in the same place as your content, try the Asset Collector. This extension loads only the SVG assets and style sheets that are actually needed on the page being rendered. It either inserts inline CSS into the page or adds stylesheet link tags to the CSS files that are needed for a particular page. This saves bandwidth and improves First Content Paint (FCP) performance. The Asset Collector also helps you include only the JavaScript assets used on a given page, based on the content elements used. For example, including the JavaScript file for a slider animation only if a content type that uses it is actually included in the page.

Find “assetcollector” on GitHub


This extension adds dedicated fields for creating Call-to-action elements and optionally adds a new stand alone cta element to your TYPO3 project with a simple Fluid template for frontend rendering. It is intended as a basis to add link and cta functionality to your custom content elements like teasers, text elements.

Find “cta” on GitHub

Host Variants

This extension allows to configure a base variant in TYPO3s Site Configuration depending on the current Host.
It adds a variable host to the expression language for the Site Configuration. This allows configuring multiple domains for the same root page.

Find “host_variants” on GitHub

Picture: Extended Image ViewHelper

The b13 image view helper is a massive extension of the regular Fluid image ViewHelper. Basically it processes images and renders a single src element or a picture element depending on the specified configuration.

Find “picture” on GitHub


This extension provides an abstract way to get geo coordinates of addresses around the world. "Geocoding" let's you fetch information about an address and stores it in the DB, by using the TYPO3 Caching Framework to store the queries and results.

Find “geocoding” on Github


When TYPO3 is behind Akamai's EdgeGrid CDN, this extension is a perfect companion for you.
This extension hides the complexity for Akamai's EdgeGrid API to purge caches.

Find “akamai” on Github

Cache Warmup

This extension provides a simple command line tool for warming up certain caches.
This extension is especially useful for large installations that deploy and then flush caches.
The current state is intended for TYPO3 v8 LTS, and handles the Rootline Cache.
For TYPO3 v9+ LTS, pages can be called as well.

Find “warmup” on GitHub

Unlocalized Crop

Imagine you have a TYPO3 installation with multiple translations. If you want to make sure the cropping value is the same across all translations, use this extension. This way, you only need to modify the cropping information in the original language, and the change will be applied to all translations.

Find "unlocalizedcrop" on GitHub