TYPO3 CMS: Enterprise Open Source, the Professional’s CMS

TYPO3 is a fast, scalable international publishing hub. It is the ideal content management platform for delivering multisite, multilingual installations for global campaigns and organizations. As a flexible, central platform for your growing online presence, it delivers proven reliability, performance, and a large, extensible feature set.

Your content management should help you overcome the challenges of running a successful international business. From handling authoring, marketing, and publishing workflows in dozens of languages, to delivering hundreds of highly-performant sites from a single installation, TYPO3 is there for you.

TYPO3 is built from the ground up to handle all of this while offering predictable release cycles, proven security, support, and ROI throughout your application’s lifecycle. b13 are TYPO3 experts. Our knowledge goes beyond simple implementations. Our staff includes contributors who help build and maintain significant parts of and extensions to the CMS. This deep knowledge means we can put together custom-tailored solutions with TYPO3 that no one else can. We like clients who challenge us and we love applying our expertise to solving tough, new problems. 

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Enterprise Open Source

TYPO3 CMS brings maximum flexibility, extensibility, and cost efficiency to the enterprise. No vendor lock-in, full scalability, and standards compliance means there is nothing stopping your growth.

Independence from vendors and technologies

Customize, optimize, grow—and repeat

Perfect if you need one or one thousand websites

Making the Fastest Even Faster

Independent studies show TYPO3 is the world’s fastest CMS. At b13, we know how to make fast sites even faster. Our knowledge and experience in optimized configurations, modern tools, and server infrastructure helps us take TYPO3 performance to the next level for you.

Highest-speed content delivery

Scale sites to meet any demand

Optimize to outperform the competition

Centralized Information Management

TYPO3 is not just a website builder. As an enterprise hub at the heart of your infrastructure, TYPO3 becomes your digital delivery platform for all channels. We’ll help you get the most from authoring and publishing workflows, data-source integrations, digital asset management, SEO tools, and much more.

Maintain quality and control over all your data

Flexible editorial workflows and access rights

Professional digital asset management (DAM)

Secure and Maintainable

Build your online presence to last. Predictable release cycles, easy upgrades, and regular security updates make TYPO3 straightforward to maintain and keep secure. Broad support for industry-standard server and hosting technologies, from in-house to the cloud, and from the tried and tested to the cutting edge.

Built-in audit trails and clear data structures

Predictable upgrade cost and risk

State-of-the-art security practices

Good Marks from the Marketers

Powerful, intuitive editing, an official Google Ads integration, and other efficient tools and workflows make TYPO3 an ideal central production and coordination tool for your marketers. Publish beautiful, media-rich content in any channel: websites, mobile apps, even web-to-print for magazines. We know how to set up your marketers for success to collaborate, optimize, and increase conversion.

Professional authoring experience

Seamless asset management

Official integrations with Google Ads and others

Talk with us today about how we can help you with an enterprise, open source CMS that can support and improve your whole business.

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