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b13 are leading TYPO3 experts in Stuttgart. Our knowledge goes beyond simple implementations. Our staff includes contributors who help build and maintain significant parts of the TYPO3 core and extensions to the CMS. Hundreds of years of combined experience in our team give us in-depth knowledge and the ability to put together custom-tailored solutions with TYPO3 that few others can. We like clients who challenge us and we love applying our expertise to solving tough, new problems that we don’t know how to solve ... yet!

At b13, we maintain in-house expertise in every one of our core technologies. We are the most significant community contributor to the TYPO3 content management platform(1). Our team leverages all this to deliver long-term performance, reliability, and results in every project.

We say “no.” We do like to take new and difficult challenges we’ve never solved before, but we will never gamble the success of your project on expertise we don’t have. Your investment in our TYPO3 know-how will pay off in solutions that deliver you maximum business value, stability, and ROI. 

Find out how our TYPO3 expertise can help your company in today’s digital marketplace.

Our Solutions

Expertise Through Contribution

We build our expertise by building TYPO3, and through direct involvement and contribution in our core technologies. We’re very experienced in delivering TYPO3 projects, but we take things a step further. We are part of making the CMS itself. It’s clear that investing in an open-source community costs time and money, that some agencies prefer to save. However, we are convinced that the investment pays off. Agencies that don’t contribute back to the open-source tools they rely on can lack the deep expertise they’ll need when difficult problems arise. Contributing to open-source software tools that thousands of other professionals use is an invaluable way to learn and gain experience. For us, contributing to TYPO3 core is more effective than any classroom course. 

Most important contributor to the TYPO3 project(1) every year since 2015.

Multiple TYPO3 CMS core contributors on staff, including the TYPO3 Project Lead.

Many of our team members have one or more official TYPO3 certifications.

We also say “no”

We are experts in what we do and how our expertise can bring you the best results. We also know we have to keep learning to remain up-to-date and the right to keep calling ourselves experts. Inexperience or hubris has been the downfall of many a project. Failing to spot important challenges early on can lead to expensive errors down the road. If we don’t think we can provide you the best solution possible to your challenges, we will happily introduce you to another agency, if we think they can do it better.

We don’t take on clients or projects that aren’t a good fit for us.

We only promise what we know we can deliver, and make clear agreements.

We don’t gamble with new technologies, but choose those we know can do the job.

TYPO3 + b13: Low TCO, High ROI

At b13, we’re looking to build you the best solution, not the most expensive one. Even if we earn less on a given project, our first priority is tangible results and websites that maximize your return on investment. Without proper planning and expert execution, large, custom, or complex solutions can become expensive—very expensive. One of the most important choices you make is choosing your technology implementation partner. With the right expertise, even a heavily customized TYPO3 solution will consistently deliver peak results, reducing TCO and increasing ROI, year after year.

Good choices make for efficient projects.

Maximize return on investment by reducing your long-term cost of ownership.

TYPO3 is an ideal, maintainable, open-source software platform.

Making People the Strongest Link

Every individual at b13 brings something important to the table. Besides TYPO3, for example, many of us have international experience, do volunteer work, have industry-specific knowledge, and much more. And the sum of these individuals is greater than the whole of its parts. We are a close-knit team; anyone’s specialty is available to all of us. And we invest in everyone’s improvement. We are about more than experience and excellence in TYPO3 projects. Our greatest strength is how our team can pull together around a project for your benefit.

Our teams share their expertise for your success.

Our “family” approach to our company makes us better prepared and more resilient in the face of unexpected events.

We may not know how to solve your next challenge for us yet, but we’re already prepared to find the solution.

Grow with Performance, Reliability, and Maintainability

With a TYPO3 built by b13, your website will meet your needs now and in the future. We make applications that run fast, are secure and maintainable, and can scale with you to any size as you grow. Our working methodologies strive to deliver value with every line of code. TYPO3 expertise isn’t just about knowing how to implement a given feature. We also comprehend the complex effects even simple changes can have in a large and growing installation. At b13, we add structure and document the project to deliver true TYPO3 quality.

Great performance is the result of an expertly executed TYPO3 project.

Reliable expertise brings reliability to your online presence.

We deliver “next level” websites and applications with our CMS of choice, TYPO3.

Talk with us about how our unique expertise can help custom tailor TYPO3 solutions that deliver you maximum business value, stability, and ROI.

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  1. Company Contributions to the TYPO3 project per year: https://forger.typo3.com/management/leaderboard/company/year