User Experience Discovery & Strategy

A solid UX process starts way before the design phase. b13 helps you evaluate the current state of UX and strategically move ahead to deliver a consistent user experience.

UX Design excels when it is underpinned by an in-depth discovery process and backed by a solid strategy. b13 integrates UX Discovery and Strategy seamlessly into every step of the journey. We work hard to establish a deep knowledge of your audience and your clients' needs. We bring all stakeholders together and ensure that your design is user-focused and consistent across all channels.

Learn how UX Discovery and Strategy can boost your UX Design.

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A Rock-Solid Information Architecture

Don't build your communications on shaky ground.

Sound information architecture lays the foundation for great user experience. Sorting and organizing content can be challenging, especially when all information feels equally important. Without planning, your website can end up with a crowded first-level menu and poor second-level navigation.  

b13 works closely with you to go through the difficult but crucial task of creating your information architecture so that it is both solid and flexible enough for future demands.

No cognitive overload: Present the right information at the right time.

Semantic IA: Know our reasoning behind IA decisions to easily adapt and extend the site later.

No duplication: reduce redundancy in the content.

As much as needed but as little as possible: Get the most out of your content type and page types

Align User Experience with Business Objectives

Great user experience means happy customers and brand loyalty.

A user experience that conforms to your business objectives increases the credibility of your brand.

Without a strategy, UX Design can become a patchwork that fails to deliver your brand message. Let b13 help you create a UX strategy to bridge the gap between the company and customer perspectives.

Kick-off workshop: get everyone on board efficiently.

The feature canvas: Get clarity about your brand's offers.

The user-centered canvas: Get to know your users.

Know Your Audience

The clearer you see them, the clearer they can see you.

Be able to serve your customers as if you can read their minds. A site that is not built around your user's needs creates frustration and makes visitors leave early. Ensure your website is tailored to your customers' needs by using b13's intelligent audience analysis to understand their needs, intentions, and motivations. Develop personas to see the world through their eyes and create a comprehensive customer journey that ensures they can easily get what they need from your website.

In-Depth Audience Analysis: Learn about your audience's needs, intentions, and motivations.

Rigorous Persona Development: See the world through your users' eyes and adapt your design to their views.

Comprehensive Customer Journey: Understand what users want to get from your website and how they can best get there.

Make UX Strategy a breeze

UX Strategy made easy but not taken lightly.

UX strategy works best if it is an integral part of the overall process. It's tempting to neglect UX strategy, but jumping straight into the design phase is a surefire way of getting poor results. b13's UX strategy helps businesses create a consistent user experience by working closely with stakeholders to set goals, analyze data, and define project phases.

Close Working Relationship: b13 works closely with all of your stakeholders to provide data-driven strategies.

Well-defined project phases: Know where you stand, know where you go next.

Goal-setting step: Start with the end in mind.