easySoft.de—Performance on a Tight Deadline

b13 relaunched easySoft’s essential online sales portal in just four months, improving search engine keyword rankings by 260 to 700%, alongside sub-two-second page load times. Visitors have praised the new easySoft.de, which was also a finalist in the 2019 TYPO3 Awards in the Best Performance category.

The Brief: Higher, Better, Faster

“We had a website running a very old TYPO3 version and were looking for a TYPO3 specialist to update our page and do a redesign,” says Daniel Stanszus, Head of Customer Experience and Product Manager at easySoft. “Our goal was a stable TYPO3 installation with a modern responsive design, search engine optimization, and better speed.”

The state of the TYPO3 installation meant the site needed a full overhaul. “The existing didn’t even use TYPO3’s main content management features,” explained b13 CEO David Steeb, “Each page loaded from a static template, with content and all.” Moreover, the mission-critical site needed to be relaunched in time for a vital user conference, only four months away.

Applying Cutting-Edge Web Technology

Recognizing the client’s need for speed—not only in the resulting website but in the project execution—b13 approached the project looking at how to save time while maintaining quality. After an initial get-to-know-you, the project shifted straight into high gear.

“Contrary to what we usually do, we jumped straight into the design phase,” recalls David Steeb, “The concept phase was done at the same time, not before.”

b13 was the sole agency involved in the project and brought its massive performance and SEO expertise to bear on it. Speedy page loads were made possible using techniques also employed in the Google-developed Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) web publishing technology, minimizing page overhead.

Impressive Results in Speed and SEO

The new site was launched on time for the user conference, following a six-week design phase and ten weeks of active development. “We were surprised by how good the page speed score was.” Results rapidly exceeded the client’s expectations. “The content loads really fast, giving visitors great user experience.”

Testing showed the site averaging 98% on core performance indicators, such as speed, accessibility, best practices, and SEO, with the latter two scoring 100% and 99%, respectively.

The site’s ranking in key organic search terms for easySoft improved considerably, with the most important ones moving up by 260–700%.

Daniel Stanszus concludes, “Our customers like the modern look and clean navigation. With the new website, we can reach out to our audience using mobile devices and better communicate the quality we deliver in our solutions.”

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