Maximizing Business Efficiency with Advanced Information Management Solutions

We build customized centralized information management solutions (CIMs) as flexible hubs, connecting and integrating your existing systems with efficiency and ease of use in mind.

Out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all behemoths may offer many features, but at the cost of speed, efficiency, and flexibility. You might be buying more limitations than benefits in the end.

Our secure, efficient, and easy-to-use information management hubs are tailored to your needs today and are ready to handle your changing requirements in the future.

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Large, Fast, and Flexible

We’ll help you reduce the cost and risk of managing masses of information from multiple sources and systems within your organization. Put our know-how and experience in delivering custom-tailored, high-performance, CIM systems to work for you.

Some vendors offer mammoth, one-size-fits-all solutions that try to cover every potential use case. Such behemoths are often heavy, inflexible, and mediocre at best.

b13 builds targeted, lightweight, agile information hubs that integrate with your existing tools and workflows, greatly reducing resource, administration, and maintenance costs.

Built to integrate with your existing solutions

Lightning-fast enterprise features

Flexible, customizable, and totally reliable

Positive Information Management Experiences

Optimizing data entry and management based on the needs of your core users is key to delivering an easy-to-use system that reduces the need for support resources and enables your employees to work independently and complete their tasks faster.

We’ve all experienced the frustrations of a poorly designed user interface. Past negative experiences reduce people’s trust or enthusiasm for new systems, causing employees to turn to workarounds and risky, informal data management systems.

We don’t just build you a great information management system that meets your needs. We also work with you and your teams—technical and non-technical alike—to make sure they understand its benefits to them, assuring a smooth transition and positive reception within your organization.

Built just for you, your teams, and your business

Continuous return on investment

Information management improved

Information Management that Grows with You

Don’t compromise on reliability. b13 offers highly reliable, customizable CIM platforms that are ready to grow with you.

As your business and data grow, platforms have a way of expanding beyond our initial expectations. Don’t get locked into an inflexible solution where any customization will be detrimental to performance or user experiences.

We use TYPO3, an open source technology platform that combines flexibility with enterprise-level performance, delivering the most for your investment and cost-effective customization.

Maintain performance, even with increasing complexity

No-compromise information management

Tangible results and financial benefits

Synchronized Data Integrity

Your business needs instant access to correct and up-to-date data from all of your operations.

Slow, manual data exchange workflows are tedious and error-prone. They can impede your business’s growth and increase operating expenses.

b13 builds information management hubs that deliver high-quality data through low-latency, automated integrations with external systems. Our implementations are built ready-to-extend, saving time and money down the road, too.

Keep your data organized and intact

Reliable project expense projections

Full control over data integrity and privacy

Invest in Security and Data Privacy

Security and privacy are essential—and legally mandated in the EU and elsewhere—when managing many kinds of information. TYPO3’s data access management ensures that you and your customers' data is protected and safe from unauthorized access.

Information management is a long-term strategic investment. You need reliable technologies, integrations, and vendor partners who are up to the challenges of maintaining data-security across multiple systems and solutions.

We plan every integration closely, making certain that only the minimum necessary information is synchronized and advise you on how to document that data exchange in your privacy policies and compliance documentation.

Clearly defined user access rights

Help your customers feel safe in your hands

Security-first implementations

See how an investment in information management can reduce costs and increase trust in your business.

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