Multilingual Content and Localization with TYPO3

Creating a multilingual website is easy. What’s complex is setting up  translation workflows and content staging to meet your organization’s and users’ localized needs. TYPO3 CMS comes with a full-service set of content localization features and b13 has years of experience working with a wide variety of global, regional, and multilingual organizations to create localized websites. If you need a custom localization feature, we can build it with TYPO3.

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Out of the box localization with TYPO3

When you’re serving customers in different languages, your CMS needs a lot of features to support seamless translations. In TYPO3, most localization functionality comes out of the box.

Configure translations at the page level and per content element.

Choose between Multi-site and Single-Tree Translation workflows.

Download language packages for TYPO3 labels and extensions, translated by the TYPO3 Community through the CrowdIn server.

Choose the right mode of translation and fallbacks for your organization’s languages.

Work across multiple alphabets, character sets, and script directions.

Connect to your integrated translation memory system, so files can be shared with translators outside of TYPO3.

Rely on built-in SEO features (like Sitemaps and HTML tags) that tell search engines which languages are available for any given web page.

Choose the right mode of translation for your local content

Once you’ve set a default language for your web project, you can set up translation modes according to your multilingual needs.

Multi-Site Websites allow you to operate different countries’ or regions’ websites and translations independently.

Connected mode, the strictest mode, unifies your Single-Tree website across languages. Connected Mode requires that every element be available in the default language before it can be translated.

Fallback mode allows you to set fallback languages for untranslated content, useful for regional variances (e.g. Set German as fallback language for Swiss German.)

Free or Mixed mode enables the translation of some content, but not others—useful for regional promotions or regulatory inclusions.

b13 has deep experience in complex localization projects

Many at b13 have contributed to the TYPO3 Core translation codebase, improving the software to meet our clients’ needs. We have deep experience in setting up localization and translation workflows for hundreds of projects. If your use case is unique, we’ll build the right tools for you. A selection of projects we’ve worked on in the past demonstrate the type of work we can do for you:

Add new languages and translations.

Create approval workflows for translations.

Adapt content to multilingual regions.

Launch locale-specific landing pages or promotions.

Implement connected content in varied character sets and script directions.

Mirror your TYPO3 site to a web server in China for higher regional availability.

Create country-specific language-switchers for a set of multilingual countries.

Reflect a worldwide clientele’s cultural diversity with locale-specific images.

Set up translation workflows for translators in global field offices.

Adapt pricing to currency conversions.

Let us help you with your localization needs.

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