Stefanie Kreuzer

UX Design (Design & Concept)

Job and Role: Creating concepts, Wireframes, Interface Design, Creating vector based graphics and icons, Reviewing conceptual or design ideas (sometimes even for print).

Outside of Work: Hiking, urban gardening, horror movies, anything Harry Potter!

Tools Steffi can’t live without:

  • Adobe XD
  • Figma
  • Miro
  • Illustrator
  • Procreate

UX and interface designer, Stefanie is way cooler than the rest of us. Thankfully, she doesn’t hold that against us. She is easy to get along with; we and our clients can always rely on her. She has a special quality we call “seeing the work.” She instantly understands what needs to be done for any given project, and gets on with it. Stefanie spends a great deal of her spare time combining her passions for travel and music, at concerts and festivals, in campers, and hiking.


  • Design, Documentation, Delivering Value
  • Questions, User Stories, Written Concepts
  • UX, Responsive, Adobe XD, Figma
  • Listening, Learning, Teamwork, High Fives, People, Family

Stefanie and TYPO3

What I love about working with TYPO3:

benefit from community, contributing to everyone's favor

My favorite thing(s) about TYPO3:

Open Source, easy editing, individual configuration

Stefanie on working at b13

The best parts about working at b13 for me are that I get to be part of a family that includes a kaleidoscope of specialties and knowledge. My opportunities to work hard, keep learning, and improve myself professionally are matched by the respect and results I get back from the rest of the team. The occasional quitting-time G&T and our (almost) legendary Launch Barbecues are nice, too! For our clients, I think the best parts of working with b13 are that we mean everything we say in our manifesto, we have very high standards of quality, and we put our clients needs first.

Steffi’s Dos and Don’ts

  • Assume you always know best
  • Ask my opinion ... if you don't want to hear it.
  • Clutter your desktop with unsorted files.

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