Oliver Bartsch

TYPO3 Core Developer

Tools Oli can’t live without:

  • PhpStorm
  • Git
  • Slack
  • Spotify

Oli loves a good set of PHP Standard Recommendations (PSRs) and knows how to have a good time using them! A kind and collaborative developer, Oli comes up with creative solutions to new problems. He stays in touch with the broader TYPO3 community over Slack to figure out the best way to get bugs fixed and features completed. Honest and authentic to the core (much like TYPO3), Oli makes great additions to the TYPO3 codebase on a daily basis.


  • TYPO3 Core, Dashboard, FormEngine, TCA, and Extensions
  • PSRs (e.g. PSR7 and PSR15), TER REST API and MFA
  • Learning, listening, and giving high fives
  • Barbecue, Pizza
  • Community, teamwork, and trust
  • Sports cars, darts, and soccer
  • Performance and quality

Oli and TYPO3

Working on TYPO3 means beginning each day by reconsidering yesterday’s work. We’re always thinking about how to provide a future-proof framework for TYPO3 users and b13 clients
I’m a big fan of the TYPO3 community and TYPO3’s commitment to PSRs — its PSR7, PSR14, and PSR15 implementations were all really well thought-out.

Oli on working at b13

The atmosphere at b13 is positive, familial, and professional. By improving the TYPO3 Core and developing reliable solutions, b13 is committed to constantly moving TYPO3 in the right direction.

Oli’s Dos and Don’ts

  • Say, “I’ll do it later”
  • Make promises you can’t keep
  • Launch personal attacks

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