Episode 8

Make: A Christmas Gift for TYPO3 Developers

Make TYPO3 Extensions - the lazy way

At b13, we're working on TYPO3—related projects, and we continue to improve TYPO3 Core itself. For both cases, we frequently create extensions for TYPO3. For the latter part, we use this to set up specific test scenarios to validate and fix TYPO3 bugs.

In both cases, we either create the boilerplate folder structure manually or—as lazy developers, we copy it from another extension. This workflow typically leads to minor typos, mistakes, or forgetting to add the proper requirements to the ext_*.php files or the  services configuration.

So we thought: “Hey, what about a small CLI tool to help us out and save a few minutes every time we need to create such an extension or component?” A few moments later, we came up with a dozen use-cases for such a  tool. Of course, you might know Kasper's 17-year-old "Kickstarter" extension—a Backend module to create new extensions — or the "Extension Builder" extension to create new Extbase extensions.

We're throwing in a new extension, which we simply called "make". A CLI-based TYPO3 extension to create extensions, Symfony Commands, Event Listeners, or PSR-15 middlewares to quickly get started and to avoid copy/paste errors. And we're making it open-source, so you can save time as well.

Ideally, you install this extension via composer require b13/make --dev to have it available only in your development environment but not in production. We've packaged a few CLI commands for our first (beta) version, and we'll provide more commands over time. We're looking forward to your feedback, and we hope you're as excited as we are.

Find out more about “make” on GitHub, especially have a look at the full list of commands and options in the README.

Merry Christmas,

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