Christian "Lolli" Kuhn

TYPO3 Core Developer

scratching community itches in Workspaces and elsewhere

Tools Lolli can’t live without:

  • PhpStorm
  • Terminal
  • Grünkohl untereinander

Christian has been a major force for improvement in TYPO3 core for many years. Without him, we would not have the Install Tool, the form engine, and a lot more that we now take for granted in the form they are today. We talk a lot about open source contribution and we’re putting our money where our mouth is, as they say. Christian’s job at b13 will start with working on TYPO3 core, especially Workspaces, full time. He says he can 3D-print anything, including core patches … we’ll see. We are thrilled to have him here and we’re certain that our investment will benefit everyone using TYPO3.


  • Caching, Contribution, Community, Quality
  • High Fives, Hamburgers
  • Learning, Testing, Teamwork
  • PSRs, Performance, Pizza
  • Refactoring, Rewriting
  • TYPO3 Core, Extensions, Installer, Middleware, v10, Workspaces, Upgrades

Lolli and TYPO3

I first chose TYPO3 because open source was exciting. I wanted to do something good for the world, planet, and people. It was a technology where I could put my ideals into the code, hand in hand with a strong, open community. As an IT student, this thrilled me and it still does today, almost 20 years later. On a practical level, for me as a developer, the highly-structured data and completely agnostic output has given me the technical flexibility to deliver excellent software and create any application, integration, and content solution anyone has ever asked me for.

Lolli on working at b13

Working with a professional and highly skilled team is a privilege; the fact that many of them are old friends is a wonderful bonus. We have done so much work on TYPO3 core together over the years through community teams and sprints, it feels very familiar. I enjoy seeing how the team is truly open-minded going into each project they tackle and how they help clients truly embrace open source software.

Lolli’s Dos and Don’ts

  • Never leave things half done.