Laura Heine

UX Design (Design & Concept)

Tools Laura can’t live without:

Adobe XD

Laura, our UX designer, is one of those authentic people who personifies the best qualities of her work: genuine, to the point, and effective. Working with our clients, she never stops asking questions. She gets to the bottom of their needs and expresses them in concepts that become simple, essential interfaces that get the job done right and no more. We love her calm and the joy she brings to our office every day.


  • Project conceptualization and documentation
  • People, healthy client (and colleague!) relationships
  • Asking why, listening, understanding, values-driven work
  • Adobe XD, Design, UX, UI
  • Delivering value and values-driven work

Laura and TYPO3

I love meeting clients, getting to know their challenges, and collaborating to create solutions. We listen closely so that we can really understand them. It is so satisfying, helping them represent their brand online and reach their users.

Laura on working at b13

My favorite thing about b13 would have to be the people, the atmosphere. When we say “the b13 family,” we really mean it.

Laura’s Dos and Don’ts

  • Overcomplicate things in UX or life … and never say never.

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