Johannes Schlier

Developer (mostly backend)

server configuration and maintenance

Tools Johannes can’t live without:

  • Git
  • Vim
  • a browser
  • Caddy

Backend developer and master of “server stuff,” Johannes somehow manages to avoid technical overcomplication and, at the same time, think of all the edge-cases that would otherwise trip us up. He’s another b13 musician with deep roots and a huge circle of friends in Stuttgart. Johannes’s love of learning and creative problem-solving abilities make him a valued colleague, his silly sense of fun makes us giggle more often than we want to admit.


  • TYPO3, v10, core, extensions, contribution
  • Web servers (Caddy, certificates), Ansible, DB/SQL, RegEx, RSS feeds
  • PHP, Linux, Blackfire
  • Asking why, understanding, international
  • Quality, security, performance, custom work
  • High fives, Pokemon Go

Johannes and TYPO3

TYPO3 is standards-based. We build all our solutions on PHP tools and design patterns that are tried, tested, secure, and universally understood. This also means that, as developers, we get to learn and keep up-to-date with "new" standardized concepts, like PSR-15 middleware, as they are introduced into TYPO3 with new major versions every 18 months.

It’s the best of both worlds: I don’t ‘t have to start every project from scratch, and I can also change anything about it that needs to be unique for a given client and their business case.

Johannes on working at b13

I have great colleagues and bosses who contribute to a positive, supportive work climate, where we can try and learn new things. The team feeling at b13 is fantastic. I am very proud that we give so much back while we are helping our clients. We give extensions that are useful to us in our projects back to the TYPO3 community. Being close to TYPO3 core development, when we add features and fix bugs for a client, those improvements flow naturally and quickly back into the TYPO3 Project, making it better for everyone in the process.

Johannes’ Dos and Don’ts

  • Never overcomplicate things, but always consider all the edge cases. (!)
  • Never leave old, smelly code lying around in your application.