Franziska Töpler

Project Management

As a Project Manager, Franzi is the contact person for clients and a liaison between projects, developers, and concepts. She makes sure everything is done at the right time. She also keeps b13's website up-to-date. Franzi is a great addition to b13 — she doesn’t miss any pieces of a problem when it comes to finding the best solution within the team. She's open-minded and quick to learn and adapt due to her structured way of working. While trying to keep everything together, she always keeps a calm spirit with a solid and analytical understanding of the client's needs. But of course: a great joke always gets her to laugh in any situation.

Tools Franzi can’t live without:

  • Coffee
  • The Internet
  • Slack

As a b13 project manager, Franzi oversees projects from top to bottom. Through collaboration, communication, and a close eye on deadlines and details, she helps her teammates pull together and in the same direction to nudge projects over the finish line. Just make sure she has her coffee first.

Expertise and Fun

  • Staying up to date with all projects
  • Coordinating schedules with the other project managers
  • Ensuring everyone knows what to do and when
  • Spending time with her husband and friends
  • Being active in her local YMCA and church
  • Listening to music, playing guitar, and singing

Franzi and TYPO3

As TYPO3 is built on open source code, there are people working on it worldwide to make it even better with every release. The community is proactive; if you have a problem that needs to be solved or fixed, there is a good chance somebody is already on it. I love that TYPO3 is a versatile tool that can be adapted for so many different use cases — the possibilities are nearly endless. And once you understand the system it's quite straightforward to use, even if you switch between different sites. That's what helps me and b13, in general, to deliver great customized solutions without the limitations other systems can have.

Franzi on working at b13

At b13, I love that we are a team of many different characters, but we share one vision: to deliver top-quality websites and to have fun doing so. The people I work with trust my abilities to do my job well, while giving me a chance to learn new things and gather new expertise. We always strive to deliver the best work possible: fast, reliable websites with great design and easy-to-access content. We are also forward-thinking; if we encounter a problem that doesn't have a solution yet, we ensure there will be one in the future.

Franzi’s Dos and Don’ts

  • Never say you can't do something you haven't tried
  • Never give up
  • Never try to understand printers — it just can't be done