Florian Keitgen

Florian Keitgen

Project Management, Concepts

Tools Flix can’t live without:

  • Coffee
  • Google Inbox
  • an apple a day

Project manager deluxe, Florian (aka Flix), would be described in Germany as “hard, but fair.” He has a very sharp eye for detail, and no tolerance for excuses or slippage, keeping us and our clients on track and on deadline. But he wraps it all in a glorious, caffeine-powered charm and wicked sense of humor. He is always there to help and we love him for it.


  • Project management, delivering value, SEO, ROI
  • TYPO3, Workspaces, editor experience, relaunch
  • Apple, Adobe XD, Solr
  • User stories, enablement, asking why
  • Community, teamwork, trust, understanding, high fives
  • International & multi language
  • Media, podcasts
  • Hamburgers v Pizza

Florian and TYPO3

TYPO3 is so flexible and so connectable. From small projects right through to a Fortune 500 company with different country and language requests, marketing tools, and external services like DAM tools and more, it’s the perfect tool for me to help my clients get their ideas and businesses online. I love the people associated with it, too. The community around TYPO3 is one of the best in the world.

Florian on working at b13

Through tailor-made solutions, we enable our clients with websites that remain flexible and customizable, yet are still at the top of the marketing game. Our agency’s contribution to the further development of TYPO3 enables us to put the best open source CMS into the hands of many small and large companies. Even better, I get to learn new things all the time at b13. Working with a group of very fine colleagues, there is a combination of team effort and mutual appreciation that feels good. And our office coffee machine really understands me and my needs.

Florian’s Dos and Don’ts

  • Another CMS.
  • Tables on web pages.
  • Without internet.

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