Achim Fritz

Backend developer

Tools Achim can’t live without:

  • Bash
  • Browser
  • Git
  • PhpStorm

Backend developer Achim, is the tough critic you need to give you honest feedback about your code. He’s also the first to crack a joke or burst into laughter when you tell one. His almost legendary distaste for all things aesthetic (never ask him about design) is more than made up for by his deep technical mastery of the open-source tech stacks we run for our clients at b13.


  • TYPO3 core, extensions, middleware, upgrades, version 10
  • PHP, Linux, Solr, testing, Cloudflare, Github - CI/CD

Achim and TYPO3

TYPO3 gave me the chance to build my career on a great open source technology, supported by a welcoming community. I have been free to use it, free to learn and help others, and free to solve problems in lots of different ways. So far, I can do everything I can imagine with TYPO3, nothing has been impossible.

Achim on working at b13

At b13, I get to work with open-source code and a great bunch of colleagues. I’ve never seen us take a project we couldn’t deliver. Nothing seems impossible and we have the freedom to experiment, learn, and solve things in new ways.
Job and Role: Backend

Achim’s Dos and Don’ts

  • Never (ever) ask me for advice on design, CSS, or pixels.