Simone Marxer

Office Management / Accounting

Tools Simi can’t live without:

  • Monkey Office accounting tools
  • Reminder App
  • Google Drive

Office and good vibes manager extraordinaire, Simone is now balancing a third job: mother to baby Nele. A lover of beauty and excellence, she’s into all things family, including watching her daughter smile, taking long walks with her husband, and seeing her parents, siblings, nephews, and nieces. You know the people you put off calling? Tax accountant, landlord, insurance agent... Simone is constantly in touch with them to keep the lights on at b13. She enters payments and receipts in the books, but (somewhat inexplicably) remains warm and friendly, and will always lend you an ear if you need it. You can hear Simone’s laugh through the entire office—everyone needs a Simone in their life!


  • Project management
  • Accounting
  • Asking and answering questions, listening and understanding
  • Traveling, concerts, and traveling to concerts
  • Cooking & baking, gin & tonics, and breakfast
  • Netflix curation 
  • TYPO3 custom dashboards
  • Helping people and partners come to trusting, empathetic agreements
  • Upgrades and relaunches
  • Teamwork (this involves lots of high fives)

Simone and TYPO3

TYPO3 makes our clients (and me) happy. Because its customizability is nearly limitless, TYPO3 is built to meet our clients’ needs perfectly. As an editor, I can make a lot of changes in a well-built installation myself, without asking developers for help. It has a very logical structure.

Simone on working at b13

At b13, you learn something new almost every day. Every project and client are unique, with individual needs, so there’s never a “this is how we always do it” kind of solution. b13 loves TYPO3 and wants to spread the love.”
Things I love about b13 (in no specific order): My colleagues, breakfast with my colleagues, Go-Live-BBQ and Go-Live-Schnapps.

Simi’s Dos and Don’ts

  • Call to say "I just sent you an email"