Daniel Goerz

(sometimes Lead-, mostly Backend-) Developer

writing code, maintaining projects, writing documentation, code review, sharing knowledge

Outside of Work:

  • Board Games
  • Organizing stuff, like live action roleplay events
  • TYPO3 Contribution
  • Movies / TV-Shows
  • I dream of building an escape room

Tools Daniel can’t live without:

  •  the Internet
  • Git
  • PhpStorm
  • Jira

Daniel has been generous with his skills and experience as a developer since he joined us from his home office in Berlin in 2018. Despite being one of our few remote team members, he’s an integrated, friendly, helpful presence in our workday. When he’s not engaged in any of his geeky hobbies, like LARPing, board games, or dreaming of building an escape room, we usually find him reviewing our code or helping someone somewhere. Check out Daniel’s personal TYPO3 blog at usetypo3.com. It is so good, we use it as documentation at b13 :-)


  • List TYPO3 v10, Extbase, PSR-15 Middleware, Event Handling, Core Development
  • Test-Driven-Development, Acceptance Tests, Git, Deployment, TYPO3 Updates
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Blogging
  • Understanding and Learning new things

Daniel and TYPO3

What I love about working with TYPO3

it offers clean solutions to most use cases
it's easily customizable
it's extendable in nearly any way
I get to use cool technologies

My favorite thing(s) about TYPO3

it's open source
it's powerful
the community is great
the community is a great source of development expertise
the project develops and adapts fast

TYPO3 helps me

understand that there are many things I don't know
connect with people
be part of a great team
as a reference for how to do many things
be an expert in something

Daniel on working at b13

b13 puts people first. Some days, it even feels more like a family than a company. I get to work with expert colleagues, sharing and contributing extensions and solutions with the TYPO3 community, living up to our open-source values. Communication at b13 is straightforward and we have fantastic, well-structured project managers keeping us in line :-)

Daniel’s Dos and Don’ts

  • violate the coding guidelines
  • let me design anything visual
  • copy from the stackoverflow question
  • ask for a “precise estimate,” estimates are estimates, not prophecies