Site & Brand Relaunch

Get a fresh, new look on a solid foundation.

Our Site & Brand Relaunch service helps companies achieve a clean, consistent, and up-to-date appearance that users will love — thanks to b13's comprehensive relaunch process.

A website needs a modern look to thrive. When your site or brand design starts showing signs of age, users notice. Refresh your digital presence and stay future-proof, performant, and appealing to your customers.

b13 gets your brand and your site back in the game. By thorough analysis, methodical redesign, and a solid implementation on top of TYPO3, b13 creates a new appearance that is consistent, relevant, and maintainable.

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A Maintainable, Future-Proof System

In a world that relentlessly changes, there is no point in standing still.

Keep your site up-to-date with minimal effort. Site design needs regular updating to keep up with current web standards. Implement regular design updates with minimal effort by leveraging the powerful capabilities of TYPO3.

At b13, we believe that switching to a modern, open-source CMS like TYPO3 is the most successful strategy to get a maintainable, future-proof system. 

Open Source: we use a software stack that is tested, proven, and ready for the future.

No vendor lock-in: the software is open source, the config is yours.

Consistent Brand Message

One brand, one look.

Extend your offline branding. Mindfully match online and offline design and achieve consistent UX across all customer touch points compliant with Web standards.

b13 is your one-stop-shop from design to development. Consistent branding and user experience across all digital customer touchpoints are guaranteed.

Consistent Design: get your branding Web-ready.

Consistent Improvement: get careful design adjustments.

Consistent Results: get everything from design to development.

From Classic To Classy

Your website: the style of today, with tomorrow in mind.

Get your website redesigned by experts into a modern, user-friendly site that drives traffic and conversions. A site can be outdated at many levels. From a Web 1.0 look-and-feel to complicated site navigation and slow response times—many small aspects can add up and lead to user dissatisfaction. With our deep understanding of modern website design, we help you turn visitors into customers.

Atomic Design Principles: build a single source of design truth, step by step.

Interactive Prototypes: discover user interactions and functional patterns.

Design For The Future: we embrace new technologies and concepts that have a clear benefit.