Moritz Haist

Frontend developer and TYPO3 integrator

creating and implementing templates, stylesheets, and JavaScript a TYPO3 environment.

Tools Moritz can’t live without:

  • Alfred
  • Git
  • Browser Plugins (1Password, Lorem Ipsum generator)

Cat gentleman, TYPO3 integrator, and front end developer, Moritz Haist, is reserved at work. He cares about delivering quality to our clients and we’ve learned that when he does speak up, it is worth paying attention to what he has to say. Oddly, most of his hobbies outside of work seem to involve him talking a lot and being generally noisy. He plays piano and sings in a choir, practices karate, and hosts a “famous” (among the right crowd) German-language podcast about the Carolina Panthers American football team. Yes, really.


  • Coffee, teamwork, learning
  • AMP, Vue.js, custom, responsive
  • Apple
  • Podcast

Moritz and TYPO3

I love that TYPO3 is in constant further development. It always has a new challenge for me, and new features and concepts to learn and use. Being at b13, I am surrounded by very experienced people and can learn from them as we customize and extend TYPO3 for each new project we take on.

Moritz on working at b13

I am grateful that I always get the chance to learn new things on the job at b13. The working climate and culture is generous and supportive. I appreciate that we live and work by values as a team: b13 strives to be an honest, reliable partner. We take our clients' needs seriously and deliver them the highest quality work.

Moritz’s Dos and Don’ts

  • Never solve the same problem twice. Never write the same code twice.