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Thank you to our 2021 sponsors

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At b13, we love improving TYPO3 and its ecosystem. That’s why we contribute to the TYPO3 Core, share our knowledge with other TYPO3 community members, and help develop solutions for project work. 

In 2021, a number of individuals and companies enabled us to continue improving TYPO3 by sponsoring our work on bug fixes and new functionality. We’re very grateful for their financial support, for two main reasons: first, it allows us to improve TYPO3 for specific use cases, and second, these sponsorships help pay our bills and put food on our tables. 

As a token of our gratitude, we’d like to recognize the companies and individuals who spent their resources to help make TYPO3 better.

Internezzo, a Swiss web agency, approached us to improve TYPO3’s Workspaces functionality for their projects. We collaborated to resolve issues with their custom extension and review, fix, and test relevant areas in the TYPO3 Core. Because of their support and our compatible working styles, TYPO3’s Workspaces module is now stronger. 

Tina Westner, a TYPO3 community member and freelancer, and several other Switzerland-based community members identified an issue in April 2021 regarding Extbase persistence handling of Workspaces and relations. We addressed the issue and built test cases for TYPO3 Core to resolve the problem.

Adrian Zimmermann and his company, Zurich-based Snowflake Productions GmbH, needed a relatively straightforward bugfix for our Container extension. He sponsored the bug fix and updated tests, allowing us to resolve and update the extension within a week. Thank you to Adrian for making our Container extension better!

New Communication GmbH reimbursed b13 for our efforts in building and maintaining the Container extension. We’re grateful to this company for their financial contributions to a free product that improves their daily operations.

Anja Leichsenring of United Digital Group (UDG) sponsored our blog post about DDEV and our automated setup of Solr for local development. Thanks to Anja for recognizing that sponsorship doesn’t only apply to code—everyone can benefit from better information, as well.

Triplesense Reply approached us to fix an important multi-language issue in TYPO3's Page Module, which was also included in TYPO3 Core.

Mathias Schreiber, CEO of TYPO3 GmbH, sponsored hundreds of bug fixes merged into the TYPO3 Core in 2021. We are eternally grateful!

Thanks again

It’s an honor to improve TYPO3 on a regular basis. Free open source software obliges no one to pay (or bug fix) but does require a shared commitment from the community. We’re grateful that our sponsor’s support allows us to improve TYPO3 for everybody, making the software sustainable. So thank you again to all of our sponsors for their support in 2021! We look forward to even more in 2022.

Have a bugfix or feature you’d like to sponsor? Get in touch.

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