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Hello World!

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Welcome to Core Insights by b13

Say hello to our new blog at b13, where we’ll keep you up to date on our latest design and architectural decisions and what we've been learning.

Hello world!

Welcome to our latest addition in the b13 family: Core Insights. At b13, we work hard every day to deliver the best solutions based on Open Source Products, especially TYPO3.  But that’s not all we do— we’re also dedicated to improving the Open Source Products themselves.

This blog is about the latter part, and because one of our core values at b13 is to share our know-how, we’ll write about many of the things we come across in our daily work improving TYPO3 and the CMS world. You can look forward to posts on the importance of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), in general, as well as our views on Open Source development.

We’re not covering official documentation or how-tos for end-users. This blog is for developers who want insight into what’s going on in our heads as we build out TYPO3 Core.

It’ll be English-only, nerdy and opinionated, and, of course, there’ll be code. Expect a personal touch, as there are always humans behind Open Source Software.

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