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At b13, we’re investing in TYPO3 core development. Here’s where you can see what we’ve been up to recently. If you’re a TYPO3 developer, you’ll find hidden gems here. We’ll also give readers an idea of how TYPO3 features work, while we unpick issues and make improvements. If you need some expert TYPO3 development, we’re here to help.

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Simplify your page configuration with our extension

David Steeb

TYPO3’s separation of content and code is one of its major strengths. TYPO3 saves content in containers called content elements, which you can stack in content areas on a page record to create pages. The different parts of this highly configurable setup include “page types” (defined by the “doktype” field value in the pages database table record), a “backend layout” configuration, and possibly a third, separate “frontend layout” configuration value. We combine these components in various ways to enable different scenarios and desired outcomes.

Visual Design for an international audience

Stefanie Kreuzer

When working with transnational corporate websites in different cultural contexts, it is very important to know the different aspects and demands of your international audience. To make a website optimally available and enjoyable for a wide range of users, you need to look beyond the technical requirements of a CMS only supporting text display and language direction. For your visual design to have a global reach, you need to consider things like aesthetics, symbolism, typography and form construction.

Level up your TYPO3 forms with custom extensions and flexible finishers

Michael Semle

TYPO3’s “Form” system extension is a flexible framework that can handle many configurations, templates, and use cases. While TYPO3 makes it easy to create forms on the fly, your business may have more complex needs that require backend adjustments. Rather than seeking tech help for every minor change, your company might benefit from a custom extension or flexible finisher that makes forms more self-serviceable for marketers. At b13, we love to help our clients get more flexibility out of TYPO3 Forms with custom solutions for specific business needs.