AMP - Awesome Mobile Performance

b13 builds your TYPO3 website to deliver content to mobile visitors blazingly fast using AMP, a Google-powered technology that boosts page speed, increases your SEO ranking, and brings more customers your way.

Slow websites drive away traffic and reduce conversions on your site. Even a fraction of a second’s difference can mean money earned or lost online.

The AMP (short for “Accelerated Mobile Pages”) standard combines a strict set of simplified presentation and rendering rules with delivery from Google’s global AMP Cache to increase page speed drastically.

Prioritized Data Delivery

Only a small part of a web page is visible at any given time, especially on mobile devices. Prioritizing that part while loading, combined with well-configured global caching, server-side prerendering, automatic preloading, and compression, means pages load blazingly fast for your mobile visitors.

Search Result VIP Status

AMP is tightly integrated with Google’s delivery networks and caching infrastructure. AMP pages are preloaded in Google’s search results to be nearly instantly accessible. An AMP version of a web page will load in less than one second from anywhere in the world.

The Rapid Rendering Effect

Time on site, conversion rate, and brand awareness soar when using a site that feels fast and reacts quickly. It makes a big difference in a world where an extra second of waiting can be the difference between a successful sale for you—or losing a customer to the competition.

b13 Gives Full Power to AMP

AMP will work wonders for your web pages. We combine it with next-generation frontend rendering techniques, and tools and services that make the most of the possibilities of today’s web. By layering technologies and allow them to benefit from each other, we produce web experiences that keep your visitors on site and coming back.

The Future of Web Content Delivery

Delivering optimized mobile experiences is important for online success today. More than 50% of online sales are completed on mobile devices, and the share keeps growing. Optimize your platform for the visitor of the future now with AMP.

Boost your online business with AMP today.

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